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    Dare to Be Different: Overcoming Fashion Shyness and Embracing Your Unique Style

    oversized tshirt

    Photo by Elena Rubtsova

    Have you ever found yourself hesitant to wear streetwear, such as an oversized t-shirt or a bold outfit, because of what others might think?

    You are not alone. Most of us have the same problem. In this blog, I am going to tell you the reasons behind this hesitation and how to overcome it, so we can confidently wear non-traditional clothes, especially those from streetwear brands.

    Clothing become essential for life. We wear clothes for status, comfort and style. But most of us wear clothes in a traditional way, following the same pattern, for example, wearing a normal t-shirt and jeans. However, the fear of change often arises: what will others think if I wear something different?

    We can feel shy or self-conscious about how others perceive us when we wear an oversized tshirt or unconventional outfits. This shyness can affect your personality.


    Reasons behind shyness

    1. Fear of Judgment 

    We may fear about being judged by others if don't stick to standard expectation. We are worried that we will be seen as strange or attention-seeking.

    2. Lack of Confidence

    We may lack confidence in our clothes and worry that we look different from others or out of place.

    Overcoming Shyness

    Some tips to overcome your shyness

    1. Shift Your Mindset 

    Don't care about what others will think, Instead focus on how comfortable you are with the clothes. Look for outfits that makes you confident and comfortable and remind that your opinion matters more than anyone else's.

    2. Start Small

    Start wearing one piece of outfit at a time if you are not used to wearing non-traditional clothes. For example, at first try wearing an oversized t-shirt with jeans. As you become comfortable you can switch to bolder fashion.

    3. Find Inspiration


    Look for fashion icons who inspire you. Use their outfits as inspiration and try to wear clothes like them.

    4. Practice Self-Acceptance


    To overcome shyness of wearing non-traditional clothes you should accept yourself and your personal style. Remember that your fashion style is your individuality, being different is a good thing.

    5. Surround Yourself with Support


    Surround yourself with positive people who support and encourage your style. Avoid those who make fun of you and your fashion choices.


    Adding non-traditional clothes to your daily wear outfits will be a powerful way to show off your individuality and to express yourself. But being shy about choosing a different path than the most can prevent you from being yourself through your fashion choices.

    By changing that mindset slowly through finding inspiration, surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people, you can overcome those barriers and become confident about the real you and you will be able to express yourself through your fashion choices.

    Don't forget that your uniqueness, creativity and individuality is your fashion and let it shine.

    Share your experiences about being shy to wear non-traditional clothes and how did you overcome it?

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